Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clark Family Funeral Chapel

Clark Family Funeral Chapel from Sara Winkler on Vimeo.

Dane, Jane, and Ben Clark help to make up a small and cozy funeral chapel off of Bradley Street in Mount Pleasant, Mich. They began their journey in their family run chapel in 1998. Dane Clark, the owner, was interested in cherishing and celebrating lives of lost loved ones and of hard situations when he learned that he had Hodgkin’s disease, and feared the life of his own self. Ben Clark, the son, has made it his own choice to join the family in the business and is currently in a program to become a certified funeral director.

Clark Family Funeral Chapel provides many accommodations to families to help make their experience the best it can be. They offer anything from personalized caskets, jewelry, videos, and even have their very own reception center connected onto the chapel for luncheons afterward. The family has a true passion for serving others and for helping them get through their losses with ease. Their love and comfort within their own family helps them to give others the same kind of affection.

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Swankla, you kicked ASS. Frakkin' awesome job, for sure.

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